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Wysong 40 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

Wysong 40 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

Wysong 40 Ton x 6 Ft. CNC Hydraulic Press Brake. Mdl:SH 40-72 SN:HPB31-101 New:1986
Distance between housings: 62″ Stroke: 6″ Adj: 3″ Max die space, SDAU:9″
Equipped with an Automec CNC 150 programmable back gauge. Tonnage control.


U.S. Industrial 44 Ton x 6 Ft. CNC Hydraulic press brake.

80″ Overall length, 65″ B.H. 30″ single axis programmable back gauge.

New: 2003US Indl#11



Dreis & Krump 8′ x 16 Ga. hand brake. Model:816 SN:99434


CNC Cutting Tables, Plasma, Laser, and Water jet




L-Tec 6′ x 20′ High definition CNC plasma cutting table. Hypertherm plasma power source.

Will cut up to 3/4″ thick mild steel. Burny CNC Control



Iron Workers

Edwards 55 Ton w/brake attachment!

Image and details coming soon!

Lathes; Manual & CNC

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Mills; Manual & CNC

ATRUMP Model:B6FC 6 H.P. CNC Bed mill. Table size:13.5″ x 60″ Centroid M-400 CNC Control

Original condition. New:1999Atrump#41 Atrump#44

HaasMini Mill Model:TM-1 10 Position ATC New:2005


Haas Model:GR-712 CNC Router. 72″ x 146″ table. New:2006


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Lockformer 20 Ga. Super speed pittsburgh. Has drive cleat rolls too. Good condition.


Engel 20 Ga. snaplock w/”S” and Drive cleats.

5 H.P. 230/460/3/60 Motor. Very clean.Engel825#14


R-W Pexto 3617-C power beader

R-W Pexto 3617-C power beader

Roper-Whitney/ Pexto 3617-C power crimper/beader machine. Capacity:18 Ga.
F-R drum switch, 1/4″, 3/8″ bead rolls, crimp rolls. 240 Volt, 3 phase.


Wysong 3/16″ x 6 Ft. Initial pinch power roll.

Model:D-72 Motor: 7.5 H.P. 6″ diameter of rolls. Power rear roll adjustment.


Roundo 5 Ft. x 10 Ga. initial pinch power roll

Roundo#11Model: IP 110/5.

4.33″ diameter rolls. Electric foot pedal control.

Niagara 8 Ft. x 10 Ga. Initial pinch power roll.

6″ diameter rolls. Squaring groove, power rear roll adjustment. Niag#41


WDM 11/16″ x 6 Ft. 4-roll plate roll

WDM 11/16" x 6 Ft. 4-roll plate roll

WDM 11/16″ x 6 Ft. 4-roll Plate roll. Includes top support and 2 side supports. 4 years old.
Similar to machine shown in picture. Price on request.


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Wysong 10 Ga. x 10 Ft. mechanical shear. Model:1010RD SN:P32-372

Equipped with 36″ Front operated back gauge, 8′ squaring arm, 2 sheet supports.  5 H.P. 230/460/3/60 motor. Good running condition.Wysong#61

Cincinnati .375 x 10′ shear

Cincinnati 3/8″ x 10 Ft. hydraulic shear. 36″ Power back gauge, 10′ squaring arm. 6″ pit for bed plate required. Adjustable rake angle. Under power in OH.

Cincinnati 1″ x 10′ shear

Cincinnati 1" x 10' shear

Cincinnati 1″ x 10 Ft. mechanical shear. No back gauge. Air lift ball transfer in bed.
Under power in OH.

Lodge & Shipley 40″ x 12 Ga. shear

Lodge & Shipley 40" x 12 Ga. shear

Lodge & Shipley 40″ x 12 Ga. Hi-speed shear. Manual back gauge, 3-Movable spring loaded hold-downs.
Front sheet return system. Model:2CT40 SN:4-7757 Good running shear.

Tennsmith 52″ x 16 Ga. Foot shear. W/back gauge & 2 sheet supports.


Scottish 1/4” x 10 Ft. mechanical shear

Scot#50Scottish 1/4″ x 10 Ft. mechanical shear. Power back gauge. New Ross air valve.

Misc; Everything else;


Cincinnati 1/4″ x 10 Ft. Hydraulic shear.